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Our plentiful array of magic mushrooms offers something special for every one. With countless varieties, from wild mushrooms to cultivated mushrooms. Here at Libertycap.uk we have something for every occasion. Whether you are looking for freshfrozendried , mushroom products, edible mushrooms, magic mushroom capsules, mushroom chocolates or popular varieties. such as Morel, Girolle and Porcini. we offer a broad selection to make each mushroom smoking experience extra special. 

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Great advice for the msuhroom product to choose. libertycap.uk is friendly and approachable. They gave me great advice on which magic mushroom product to order. And it was really amazing
Jennifer kenzas
Excellent service Excellent service. Takes the headache out of admin and go beyond the call of duty. Very responsive. My order was perfect.
Alicia holam
The delivery Service was fast and that is my best experience. the products took me higher and it was just the exact quantity I ordered
John Carlos
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Magic mushrooms UK

It contains a chemical cocktail of psychoactive ingredients. most ‘psilocybin’ (hence Psilocybe) which is natural, produced psychedelic compound. and is the main active substance.

They are approximately only 1/2500-inch long. and are release from the underside of the mushroom cap, in the gills, teeth or pores of the mushroom. Why are magic mushroom spores legal in the UK?

Although magic mushrooms are consider as a schedule 1 drug in many countries. studies have shown that when they are in moderate and controlled dosages. they have plenty of health benefits. Plenty of small studies associated with the psychoactive content of shrooms with physical. and mental health benefits. The times are changing, much like they did for CBD. So now is the perfect time to buy uk magic mushrooms and give them a try.

The hallucinogen in magic mushrooms. which is also found in LSD and other psychedelic drugs. fosters a feeling and sense of relaxation like that of marijuana. This is because like all hallucinogenic drugs. they affect the area of the brain that regulates mood and perception.

It’s no secret that magic mushrooms can indeed make you feel high. You can also find pieces of evidence on the Internet about how effective it is when it comes to freeing one’s mind. This is because magic mushrooms or also known as shrooms contain psychoactive ingredients. No wonder why there are some individuals. and professionals out there who are consuming shrooms. To relieve anxiety and depression.

The effects (also referred to as “high,”) of taking magic mushrooms last from about three to six hours. But, the psychoactive chemicals they contain are still present. and can still detected in your system even after the high diminishes. It usually takes less than 24 hours for the body to metabolize psilocybin and excrete it. But for chronic users, that may up to three days

Accordion Content

Each rich dark chocolate bar has our popular Mushroom Blend in it. This Limited Edition batch is the sweetest way to enjoy the benefits of the top 10 functional mushrooms. Handmade in Northern California by top chocolatiers. Mushroom Chocolate is a rich dark chocolate.

Liberty caps UK

one fresh ounce of liberty caps or twenty to forty fresh specimens or 1/3 fresh ounce. or one dried gram to two dried grams for those with experience. mj. 2 to 4 doses in a fresh ounce./. The description and dosage you posted for above are for P. cyanescens.

With an average of almost 2% psilocybin. these tiny fungi are high sought after by free-thinkers and psychonauts. WHAT ARE LIBERTY CAPS? Psilocybe semilanceata, also known as liberty caps. are a psychedelic mushroom species that contain the hallucinogenic compounds psilocybin and psilocin.

You can spruce up shroom chocolates in many ways. as long as powdered psychedelic mushrooms are the base. Combine it with chocolate that can melt (chips, bars, melting chocolate disks). Anything beyond these two ingredients can be add for preference. besides, if you like coconut or raisins, add a handful.

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