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In this article, we’re going to discuss psilocybin spore kits – and about what’s a psilocyin spore bag, they’re sometimes marketed as magic mushroom grow kits or a psilocybin grow kit. We’re going to cover why these products might be illegal in parts or all of the United States that don’t allow psilocybin spore syringes or magic mushroom grow kits.

magic mushroom grow kit Laws and States for Legality Information By State

As psilocybin acceptance grows in the USA states and more people become aware of the many benefits of psilocybin and the psilocybe cubensis strain of mushrooms, cottage industries like these are bound to crop up. And crop up they have. In recent months, we’ve seen a massive influx of vendors selling psilocybin spore kits. As a service to our loyal audience, we wanted to provide a resource that explains what may or may not be legal in your state or community jurisdiction so you can answer questions about mushroom laws in the uk
With that in mind, here’s a quick but important note for clarity on magic mushroom kits: everything for sale on Quality Spores is completely legal. Psilocybin spore syringes are perfectly within the bounds of the law in all states with the exception of California, Idaho, and Georgia, which is why we cannot and do not ship magic mushroom kits to those states. You sort of need to generate your own magic mushroom growing kit combining legal quality spores and other substrate materials for starters. It’s all quite doable to create your own shroom grow kit that rocks!
Psilocybinmagic mushroom grow kit Legality
This article focuses on the legality of psilocybin spore kits specifically (A.K.A., magic mushroom growing kits) and the best mushroom spores for growing legally in your state. As we’ll learn, legally speaking, there may be a very big difference between buying and selling spore syringes and selling ready-to-grow mushroom spore kits.
If you’re not already familiar with the current legislation surrounding psilocybin spores and so-called magic mushrooms or for creating your own shroom growing kit, you can read more about growing the strongest magic mushrooms strains or best magic mushroom strains, and about different aspects of psilocybe cubensis in our pages or blog posts, plus learn details on psychedelic spores laws.
Psilocybin Mushroom Kit. Since clear understandings are critical whenever discussing the psilocybin mushroom kit topic, let’s begin with some definitions:
What is a magic mushroom grow kit uk? What Do Mushroom Spore Kits Consist Of?
Magic mushroom grow kits when you’re buying a mushroom kit online usually include everything one needs to grow psilocybin mushrooms (in jurisdictions where doing so is legal, of course).
Psilocybin Mushroom Kit Includes These Components From Spore Vendors and Sellers
While the contents and quality of magic mushroom spore kits and psilocybin mushroom kit ingredients can vary wildly between mushroom spore vendors and sellers between companies, shroom grow kits usually come with a:
  • Magic Mushroom Grow Box
  • Special Bag Designed for Colonizing Mycelium
  • Other accessories such as thermostats for monitoring temperature
  • Hygrometers for Measuring Humidity
  • High-Power microscopes to examine mushroom spores for microscopy are optional but recommended for serious magic mushroom research enthusiasts.
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Substrates for Mycelial Colonization and the fruiting bodies themselves.
magic mushroom grow kit 
Many magic mushroom spore kits have other little extras as well, such as sterility-enhancing equipment like gloves, disinfectant, and facial masks. Whenever growing mushrooms of any kind – cubensis or otherwise – a clean working environment is a requirement to eliminate the risk of airborne contaminants.
Now, as the name implies, a psilocybin spore kit will also include spores, usually in a syringe container. This is where the potential legality of the kit comes into question, even in states where the spores (only) of psilocybin-containing fungi are legal. We’ll explore exactly why in just a moment, but let’s first clearly define the difference between a psilocybin spore kit and a sole spore syringe or spore print.
How a Psilocybin Spore Kit Differs From a Psilocybin Spore Syringe or Spore Print
As detailed above, a magic mushroom spore kit contains everything needed for growing said mushrooms (including, in some cases, the spores themselves—although not always included in a psilocybin kit, which is a detail that will become important to understand later.
Tip: For spores seller legality purposes it’s best to separate the quality mushroom spores from the mushroom spores grow kit.
We’ll primarily discuss spore syringes as they’re our area of mushroom spores expertise, but generally the same things we’re about to go over apply to spore prints too.

magic mushroom grow kit Spores and Syringes Containing Mushroom Spores

A spore syringe is exactly what it sounds like: a syringe containing mushroom spores. They might be Psilocybe cubensis spores, or spores from nearly any other kind of mushroom, such as gourmet mushroom spores or medicinal mushroom spores. The spores are suspended in a non-nutrient liquid solution, generally distilled water.
magic mushroom grow kit
It’s important that a spore syringe uses a non-nutrient suspension solution (whether it’s distilled water or otherwise), because if any nutrients are present, it could lead to the maturation of the spores where mycelium begins to form. In the case of something like a gourmet mushroom spore syringe, this would result in the spores being potentially ruined for future use (whether study or cultivation).
However, it’s of the utmost important that no nutrients be present for any kind of magic mushroom spores, because while spores do not contain psilocybin—and are thus legal in 47 states—the mycelium of a cubensis fungi, and certainly the fruiting body, does contain psilocybin, which is very much illegal throughout the United States.
Now, one would be forgiven for asking the following: if you can’t grow mushrooms with psilocybin spores legally, what’s the point of buying syringes chock full of the things?
Studying magic mushroom grow kit 
It’s because many microscopists, mycologists, and other researchers are interested in studying these unique fungi during their formative spore stage of their lives. Examining spores under your microscope as a hobby is a rewarding and educational pastime, and that’s especially true for psilocybin spores.
liberty caps liberty cap mushrooms uk.
magic mushroom grow kit
So-called magic mushrooms have so many different strains and varieties that they’re practically a dream for anyone interested in taxonomy. While they’re all a member of the Psilocybe cubensis species, there are remarkably notable differences between each strain, which is easily detectable when looking at their spores under the microscope. They are not for cultivation; this is why we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at Quality Spores—our authentic spores are for researchers conducting legal activities only.
With this background knowledge, you’ll have an easier time understanding why some legal experts think that “magic” magic mushroom grow kit could be illegal, especially if they include cubensis spores. Let’s find out why:
Why Some Legal Experts Believe That Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Could Be Illegal (and Under What Circumstances)
Magic Mughrooms Grow Kit Legality
If you’ve been following along so far, you may be starting to suspect why some legal experts believe that magic mushroom grow kits could be illegal.
Controlled Substances Act
One must start by examining The Controlled Substances Act, from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration under which psilocybin is classified as a Schedule I substance (yes, just like heroin—no matter how ridiculous an educated psilocybin advocate or open-minded individual may find this, it is, at the time of this writing, the law).
In addition to outlawing certain substances, like psilocybin, the Controlled Substances Act also outlines other laws. One of those laws is that it’s illegal to sell drug paraphernalia, which a magic mushroom grow kit may indeed qualify as.
Interestingly, dropping the “magic” from this naming convention may eliminate the trouble here, as “mushroom growing kits” are entirely legal, since they don’t imply any potential use or possession of psilocybin (and where do you think shiitakes come from?). It’s similar to how one can purchase a bong or pipe, since these are classified as tobacco smoking devices.
Furthermore, it’s illegal to “attempt or conspire” to break any laws outlined by the Controlled Substances Act. Thus, it’s not a stretch to imagine that lawmakers could determine that psilocybin spore kits—as they include everything needed to grow psilocybin-containing fungi—could be doing exactly that. Being caught up in a conspiracy to “manufacture” a Schedule I substance is enough to ruin anyone’sday, wouldn’t you agree?
Finally, unrelated to the Controlled Substances Act but entirely related to the law, it’s illegal to “aid and abet” a crime, which the vendor of a magic mushroom grow kit may be doing.
As you can see, this potential legality (or illegality) of a psilocybin spore kitplaces a significant amount of risk on the vendor, but buyers are far from completely safe themselves.
For amateur microscopists, mycologists, and researchers—in other words, law abiding citizens—the risk of dealing with these kinds of “gray markets” just isn’t worth it, not when so many other convenient and safe options to conduct one’s research clearly within the bounds of the law exist.
Having said that, the obvious question is, of course, how do online sellers of magic mushroom grow kits “get away” with it?
The Devil is in the Details: How So Many Vendors “Get Away” With Selling Magic Mushroom Spore Kits
Many vendors who sell magic mushroom grow kits are able to do so for several different reasons:
  1. The kit doesn’t include spores at all, or only includes spores of non-psilocybin containing fungi (such as, say, pearl oyster spores). In these cases, while the branding and implication of the product might suggest magic mushroom cultivation, the product falls into a gray “technically legal” area. Some legal experts may disagree, as we learned above with the notion of “conspiring to violate the Controlled Substances Act”, which such a product may be interpreted to be doing.
  1. The kit includes no marketing or branding which suggests that it may be used to cultivate psilocybin-containing fungi, in which case it’s simply a mushroom growing kit. No psilocybin spores are included. In this case, the seller or buyer is at no risk, since the product is unquestionably legal—people grow mushrooms all the time for perfectly legitimate purposes. Major retailers even carry mushroom cultivation kits as home science experiments or for amateur mycologists.
  1. The highest risk kits do include psilocybin spores along with the rest of the growing materials. While technically a mushroom growing kit is legal (individually) and technically psilocybin spores are legal, the obvious implication is that the product is intended for magic mushroom cultivation. This is where both buyer and seller could run into legal trouble.
As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, magic mushroom grow kits have absolutely flooded the market. Most of them fall into the first category described above, but an increasing number of these kits fall into the third category. The “shroom boom” of what we’ve called the psychedelic revolution 2.0 is still in its very early stages, and it may only be a matter of time before lawmakers (and those who enforce such laws) begin taking action against kits in the third category.
Why Psilocybin Spore Syringes Are Safer and Easier to Obtain For Amateur Microscopy
Since customers of Quality Spores are legitimate researchers, we suggest procuring your psilocybin mushroom spores in syringe format only. If you also grow gourmet, medicinal, or ornamental mushrooms of legal varieties, we suggest ordering your supplies for those projects separately.
It may seem quite convenient to get everything you need for your various interests “all in one go”, but the risks far outweigh the rewards—if possible, we’d like to see the legitimate amateur microscopy and mycology communities avoid falling into any unfortunate misunderstandings. This is why you’re better off getting your research spores from a trusted member of the community like us. There are other benefits you get when you choose Quality Spores too—not the least of which is authenticity.

Buy 100% Legal Psilocybin Mushroom Spores at Quality Spores – Fast, Affordable, Discreet

At Quality Spores, we carry 100% authentic magic mushroom spore syringes. Each syringe is loaded with spores, guaranteed uncontaminated, and always viable. With the recent explosion of interest in psilocybin, there are many vendors online purporting to have “the real deal,” especially when it comes to more exotic or rare strains. Unfortunately, many of our customers have expressed to us that their experience with other sellers was less than ideal, which brought them to us—and now they’re totally satisfied.
If you’re interested in getting started in the amateur microscopy hobby and you’d like to order completely legal psilocybin spore syringes—with no “gray” areas to speak of, unlike the kits we discussed to day—we invite you to visit our magic mushroom spore store.

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