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Since the ban on the more potent magic mushrooms in 2008, magic truffles amsterdam are sold as legal substitutes for them by smartshops in Amsterdam. Truffles contain the same active substance; psilocybin. They change the experience of reality, space and time. Your environment, feelings and perception are also experienced differently. The strength differs per species and per truffle. It is a natural product, so one truffle may contain more active substances than the others of the same kind. Magic Truffles can be used recreationally or to gain deeper psychological, spiritual or philosophical insights.

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So what are truffles actually? What are magic truffles? Where can you buy them in Amsterdam? What are the prices of truffles in Amsterdam and where can you buy them in the city?

Let us start with the basics, what is a truffle anyway? Truffles are underground growing mushrooms, which give a unique scent. Per kilo, a truffle can be one of the most expensive ingredients you can use. The tubers are found at the foot of trees and therefore fall into the mushroom category. A truffle can perhaps best be compared to a mushroom, but then of course in a different class. However, unlike the mushroom, the truffle is a fungus that develops underground. Due to lack of space there, it does not grow large but usually develops into a concentrate of mushroom flavour. The most important characteristic of the truffle is the typical intoxicating odour and taste. Truffles are the ripest and the tastiest in January.

In this article, however, we will focus on the psychoactive “magic truffles” that are sold legally in smartshops in Amsterdam to be used recreationally.

What are magic truffles amsterdam?

Magic truffles are one of the most extraordinary types of psychedelics in the world. These sclerotia are not technically mushrooms, but they are part of the same organism. If you are wondering what the difference is between these truffles and mushrooms, then you are not alone. Although both contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin, they are two different products.

This is because truffles grow underground, while mushrooms grow above the ground. It is also good to know that magic truffles are not really “truffles” but “sclerotia”. Sclerotia are fungi that grow from the same organism as psychedelic mushrooms — but are therefore not mushrooms themselves.

Since the ban on mushrooms, truffles are sold as substitutes for them. Truffles are legal. The active substances in mushrooms and truffles are prohibited. Truffles contain substances that make the brain work in a different way. The active substances include psilocin and psilocybin.

Truffles contain the same active substances. They change the experience of reality, space and time. Your environment, feelings and perception are also experienced differently. The strength differs per species and per truffle. It is a natural product, so one truffle may contain more active substances than the others of the same kind.

Where can I buy magic truffles amsterdam?

The best and safest place to buy truffles in Amsterdam is in a so-called, specialised smartshop. We stress anyone planning on using truffles to be well-informed and well-prepared. Therefore, it is wise to choose a smartshop with knowledgeable employees that take their time to inform their customers well. Below are some recommended shops where you can buy your truffles in Amsterdam:

    1. The Magic Mushroom Gallery: one of the oldest smartshops in town. At The Magic Mushroom Gallery employees are experienced and knowledgeable, they have numerous strains of magic truffles, they’ll be happy to help to pick the right one. They have two stores in the city centre one at the Flower market and one in the Spuitstraat.
    2. Azarius: Azarius has both an online and offline Smartshop. The offline store is located at the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam. The shop is located at a 2-minute walk from the Leidseplein.
    3. Kokopelli: This shop is close to the red light district in the Warmoestraat. It’s quite curious and beautiful. It is a mere 7-minute walk from the Amsterdam Central Station and is definitely worth a visit even if you are not interested in truffles.
    4. Tatanka: A big and spacious smart shop located on the Leidseplein.

Not in Amsterdam, but interested in magic truffles amsterdam? You can also order them online!

If you’ve found this article and are interested in trying magic truffles, but you’re not (planning to) visiting Amsterdam anytime soon, you can alternatively buy them online. is an online webshop specialized in the (online) sale of magic truffels and ships them to many European countries. They also provide information on how to microdose truffles; the practice of taking very small amounts of psilocybin in order to test or benefit from its physiological action while minimizing undesirable side effects.

Buy magic truffles amsterdam online at

We’ve partnered with, a webshop and smart shop in Utrecht that specializes in the (online) sales of magic truffles and other organic plant medicines and food supplements. They are praised by customers for their great, knowledgeable service and high-quality products. Magic truffles and supplements can be used either for recreational or therapeutical purposes. Their products can be shipped to any address in Europe. You can also order to have the products delivered to your residency in Amsterdam or elsewhere!

How much do magic truffles amsterdam cost?

Unfortunately, as is the case with many popular and rare products, fresh truffles are often too expensive to buy. Black truffles can go for as much as 500 euros per kilo, while white truffles sometimes cost thousands of euros. Magic truffles could go for as much as €30,- per 15 g, depending on the smart shop or online store.

This high price has to do with a number of factors. Not only are they becoming increasingly rare, but finding them can be quite a lot of work.

Are (magic) truffles legal in the Netherlands?

Yes, (magic) truffles are legal in the Netherlands. Sclerotia are formed by underground mushrooms that store nutrients and protect them against the cold, drought and natural heat. They contain psilocybin, which gives a colourful state of consciousness that lasts for about 4 to 6 hours.

magic truffles amsterdam are officially a “by-product” of magic mushrooms and contain no detectable harmful substances, magic truffles can be sold in the Netherlands but magic mushrooms cannot because they are illegal. You can buy different kinds of magic truffles at smarts shops where they are sold legally.

How are truffles used?

Truffles can be used in different ways. Most people just eat them. You can also make tea from them or use them as an ingredient in a dish. For example, there are also chocolate bars with truffles incorporated and most people like adding them to their pasta. You usually begin to feel the effect after half an hour after eating your dish.

If you have a full stomach it may take longer before you feel the effects of the truffles. If you put it in your tea, you can notice it a bit earlier, the effect is, therefore, more intense. Putting them in your chocolate can also deliver a more intense effect. The duration of the effect is usually between 3 and 8 hours.

How do magic truffles amsterdam work?

magic truffles amsterdam

Truffles fall into the consciousness-altering and hallucinogenic group. The effects vary and depend, among other things, on your personal sensitivity, your mood and the dose. The active substances psilocin and psilocybin are very similar to the body’s own serotonin (the neurotransmitter).

Here are some effects of truffles on the brain:

The effects and intensity of the effect depend on your dose and personal sensitivity. You feel the effect in wave movements. One moment can be more intense than the other.

Positive effects:

      1. Strengthening pleasant feelings and senses
      2. Laughing (laugh kick)
      3. Music sounds different, deeper, more immersive
      4. Colours become more intense
      5. A relaxed, cheerful, energetic, “high” feeling
      6. Experiencing feelings that you are normally not aware of
      7. Visual hallucinations

Negative effects:

      1. Unrest, a confused feeling
      2. Nausea
      3. Headache
      4. Thirst, dry mouth
      5. A warm or cold feeling
      6. Stomach and intestinal complaints
      7. Strengthening of unpleasant feelings
      8. Less control over emotions and behaviour
      9. Anxious tripping and intense painful feelings
      10. Fear that the effects will no longer pass

magic truffles amsterdam are characterised by different types of effects. You may experience the effects in wave movements and/or ‘loops’. The intensity also comes in wave movements and eventually decreases. Sometimes magic truffles give a ‘cosy’ feeling, you smile, you are cheerful and the world looks nice and colourful. Music is intense as you listen to it.

Sometimes you have a crazy train of thoughts, you don’t understand much about what’s happening around you or even your own thoughts. Sometimes it is difficult for you to form words. You may also have strong visual hallucinations. This does not always happen and depends strongly on your personal sensitivity, the dose and type of truffle.

You cannot predict exactly which effects you will get when you use truffles. People experience truffles very differently. Some may find the effects quite intense and others may not.

Truffles are not generally dangerous to health. The active substances are not harmful. However, people can get into trouble through irresponsible use. The negative symptoms can mainly occur in the wrong environment, due to individual sensitivity, a high dosage, etc.

What are the risks of using truffles?

magic truffles amsterdam

It is often thought that there are no risks associated with the use of “natural products” like truffles. That idea is wrong. Violent and even negative emotions can arise from the effects of truffle use. Most people have what is called “a bad trip” which can be due to the user not being able to handle the effects. Much like people who don’t know how to handle their alcohol. A bad trip can be annoying, but almost never dangerous.

The active substances in truffles are not harmful to the body. However, it can become dangerous in very exceptional situations. For example, the chance of having a bad trip is higher if you drink alcohol before or during the trip.

Note: Please make sure you use truffles responsibly. The more careful you are, the fewer the risks.

What happens during a bad trip?

      1. The trip turns out to be more intense than you thought in advance
      2. There is usually fear, panic, restlessness
      3. Experiencing unpleasant feelings and emotions
      4. Psychiatric illnesses (depression, psychosis) may get worse or last longer
      5. Injury from doing something dangerous while on a bad trip

Note: When on a bad trip, make sure you are in a safe place so you do not run the risk of accidentally injuring yourself or others. For example: do not go cycling or try to operate machinery of any kind.

People with psychiatric illnesses such as depression or psychosis should not take truffles. There is a risk that the disease will recur or last longer.

If you are pregnant, have a disease and/or use medication, it is better not to take truffles. Truffles are potentially dangerous for your unborn child.

Can one be addicted to truffles?

No, it isn’t possible to become addicted to truffles. Given the intense effects that occur from the use of truffles, they are not used very often. Truffles are typically used a few times at most. The chance of mental dependence is therefore not very great.

Strongest (magic) truffles in Amsterdam

magic truffles amsterdam

magic truffles amsterdam are becoming increasingly popular in Amsterdam. There are many different types and varieties of truffle. Below are five of the strongest truffles in Amsterdam.

      1. UTOPIA: Utopia makes users construct their own world with their imagination. It allows you to reach a higher level of awareness and also offers you strange visuals. The perception of colour changes; figures remove themselves from normal geometric reality. Expect deep thoughts about life and the universe. The Psilocybe utopia is very powerful, so 5 – 7.5 g is a good dose for novice trippers. It is good to take less in the beginning if you want to test it first. For an average strength experience, 8-10g is good, and everything above 10 g provides an ultra-trippy experience.
      2. HOLLANDIA: This is one of the strongest truffles in Amsterdam. It makes you experience hallucinations and vibrating waves all through your body. Increased senses and more intense creativity can create a fantastic imagination for “tripping” artists. Hollandia makes users feel one with everything. With just 7.5 g, new users can be shown a new world. 10 – 12 g, users are sent to a new and beautiful reality. Everything above 15 g is only recommended for experienced trippers.
      3. MOKUM: This one may not be as strong as the aforementioned truffles but it is still very powerful. The effects are a lot like those from weed: users become more social and suddenly have contemplative thoughts about the existence of life. Given the dosage, 7.5 g can deliver a number of “trippy” experiences. A dose of 10 g is considered medium and 15 g is for more experienced users.
      4. PANDORA: This is basically the opposite of Pandora’s box. It’s opening a box of truffles and unleashing all the effects that come with them. If you want serious psychedelic vibes, this is one of the most popular truffles in Amsterdam. The 7.5 g dose is good for new users. For stronger effects, 10 g should be enough. For a complete immersion in the mystical psychedelic box, 15 g should suffice.
      5. ATLANTIS: The Atlantis truffle was discovered in Fulton Country, Georgia (US). This truffle is meant to help users discover the fictional island of Atlantis. Just like Pandora, beginners can start with 7.5 g. With 10 g is considered medium and 15 g is expected to definitely take you to the mythical island of Atlantis.

Useful tips for magic truffles amsterdam usage

You can reduce the risks by following the tips listed below. Mushrooms and truffles are normally safe if you take minimal but necessary safety precautions. Drug use without risk does not exist.

      • Take your time and ensure a safe and quiet/trusted environment. For a pleasant and “safe trip,” this is definitely necessary with a higher dosage. Make sure there is someone around who is sober, in case someone is overwhelmed by the effects.
      • Only take mushrooms or truffles if you feel well.
      • If you become anxious, stay calm: the unpleasant feeling always passes.
      • Do not resist what comes to mind and relax. It usually helps to think of something fun and to listen to some music.
      • Eating or drinking something can help you feel better.
      • Listen to the signals from your body and mind. If you find that you can’t really stand it, stop it. Don’t use truffles anymore!
      • Smoking weed extends and intensifies the trip. It is better not to use other drugs when using truffles.
      • Please do not buy truffles from street sellers. Only buy your truffles in a good smart shop. Feel free to ask the shopkeeper for advice.
      • Do not combine mushrooms and truffles with alcohol. This increases the chance of a bad trip.
      • Do not drive after using truffles!
      • Take your time, don’t use truffles if you don’t have the time. Make sure you have nothing important to do the next day. You can be tired after a truffle trip.
      • It is important to regularly drink some water or fruit juice during the trip. This does not affect the effects of the truffles.
      • Do not take truffles if you feel anxious, stressed or depressed. People with dormant psychosis or schizophrenia should not use truffles.
      • Do not take truffles if you use medication.
      • Do not take truffles if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or younger than 18 years.
      • Always preserve your truffles between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius. They can be kept in the fridge for up to a month.

Conclusion on magic truffles amsterdam

Most people simply chew truffles and then swallow them, but if you do not like the taste, you can always mix it with yoghurt; or put it in tea and wait 20 minutes before drinking the brew. Make sure that the water does not boil, because that can deconstruct important psychedelic properties of the magic truffles amsterdam.

The dosage of truffles always matters. If you take 20 g of weak truffles, it can generate a much stronger trip than 5 g of the strongest truffles you can find. Please make sure you understand the strength of your desired truffle and measure exactly how much you have to take.

It is important to note that psychedelic substances have a different effect on everyone. It has to do with individual experiences, psychology and physiology. If you are a beginner, it is strongly recommended to take a small dose in an environment where you feel comfortable. If you are not in a good place mentally, please do not take truffles! Take care of yourself first!

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