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10 Of The Best Cannabis Strains In The UK Right Now

Weed strains UK may still be illegal in the UK, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the best strains in the world.
Whether it’s grown here or flown here, the best bud in the UK is potent, terpy, and nothing like the weed your dad used to smoke.
So when it comes to high-quality weed, the nation’s Weed strains uk connoisseurs certainly know their stuff. And that’s why we went and met one of them for the low down on the very best cannabis strains in the UK right now! Enjoy…
  1. Zkittlez

Fruity and sour, this Weed strains uk actually smells and taste like your eating skittles. This multiple-award-winning strain is taking the UK by storm. A unique strain that is well worth trying!
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  1. GG#4

Formerly known as Gorilla Glue 4 until its breeders, Connected, were forced to change its name, GG#4 has one of the highest THC contents around. It has lovely distinctive taste and dense, frosty buds
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  1. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

A pleasant smoke and very potent, Platinum GSC is a Cup-winning hybrid and a cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a third unknown strain. It has many other relatives – such as Cookie Dawg, White Cookies, Zookies, Blue Cookies, Phantom Cookies and many more – which are all just as good.
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  1. Stardawg

With heavy, dense and potent buds with a thick layer of trichomes, Stardawg a strain to keep an eye out for. A good one to finish the night with.
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  1. Dawg walker
A cross between Skywalker OK and Stardawg, Dawg Walker is a fairly newish strain to the UK. It has a strong smell, lovely earthy taste and comes with a heavy stone.
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  1. Gelato

A hybrid strain from Cookie Fam Genetics, Gelato is one of the new California strains that is earning a stellar reputation in the UK. A smooth, creamy taste makes it a very popular strain. Can taste like ice cream.
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  1. Headbanger OG

With a distinctively sweet and fruity taste, Headbanger OG is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Sour Diesel and Biker Kush. It has dense buds and provides a nice, uplifting stone.
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  1. Orange Diesel V3 (ODV3)

Bred by Lady Sativa Genetics, this Sativa-dominant strain has become very popular in the last couple of years. It’s a cup winning strain with a fruity, orangey taste.
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  1. Northern Lights

Another old-school strain, Northern Lights was many people’s favourite until all these Cali Weed strains uk came along. A direct descendant of indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains, expect a fruity taste with relaxing effects.
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  1. Lemon Haze

A very popular strain that’s been around for years now. A cross between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze, Lemon Haze is fruity and sweet with a citrus taste.



England and Ireland have what’s called a temperate maritime climate, which means the weather is influenced by the sea. The summers are cooler than those on the continent, with mostly temperatures below 25°C. Winters in the UK are mild, but temperatures dropping below zero and snow can happen.
Among the biggest considerations when you want to grow cannabis in the UK is that the climate is relatively humid and it rains often. This can be a problem, as Weed strains uk dislikes being wet for too long. What’s more, high humidity and rainfall brings with it a considerable risk of mould.
In the South of the United Kingdom, where the Gulf Stream brings in warmer and milder weather, growing conditions are usually better than up north. Weed strains uk can take advantage of warmer days and less punishing winters, and can start their outdoor grows earlier than in other parts of the region.


Warm spring temperatures in the UK arrive a bit later than in countries further South. To avoid your seedlings falling victim to cold temperatures and frost, it’s wise to germinate your cannabis seeds indoors in the first weeks of May.
A good tactic is to start your Weed strains uk indoors using the Zamnesia Smart Start Kit and a CFL light on an 18/6 schedule (18 hours on, 6 hours off). This will allow your seedling to safely develop without being ravaged by the elements. After Ice Saints on the 15th of May, when there is no risk of frost any longer, you can set your plants outside.


As the growing season in the UK is shorter than in Southern Europe and rainfall can always happen, outdoor cultivators get the best results when they choose fast-flowering cannabis strains. Quick, hardy, and mould-resistant photoperiod strains, as well as autoflowers, are the best choice for growers in Britain. Sativa autoflowers also work, as they finish in a much shorter time than photoperiod Weed strains uk, and retain the typical open sativa bud structure. As their buds are less compact, this facilitates better air circulation with less moisture buildup, so there is less risk for mould.
Weed strains UK
When shopping for feminized seeds to grow outdoors in the UK, make note of their flowering times and expected outdoor harvest dates. Most autoflowers are ready to harvest in 60–70 days after germination, which makes them ideal for outdoor grows.


Let’s take a look at the 10 best strains to grow outdoors in the United Kingdom.


Auto Durban Poison is Dutch Passion’s autoflowering version of the original, a sativa hailing from South Africa. This girl doesn’t just exceed expectations indoors and in greenhouses, but outdoors too. Her very short growing cycle of 10–11 weeks makes her an excellent choice for those growing in less than optimal climates, like the UK. Her strong and uplifting effect, along with her sweet liquorice/anise flavour, makes her a great strain to enjoy during the rainy, dark days ahead.


Purple Queen Automatic is a lightning-quick autoflowering strain that’s perfect for growing in the fickle UK climate. An effortless endeavour taking just 6–7 weeks to flower, and 8–9 weeks from seed to harvest, she delivers the goods with 100–150g/plant outdoors. She’s not a tall plant, but definitely a beautiful one, with orange pistils and, in about half the phenos, purple leaves and buds. Weed strains uk Given her compact nature, she’s ideal for those pokey spaces if you don’t want to show her off. With around 20% THC to her buds, she offers up tranquil but suitably powerful effects that go down a treat alongside pine, citrus, and fruity flavours


Boasting huge sweet, fruity flavours and aromas, it has to be Watermelon Candy Automatic. This autoflowering beast is perfect for cultivating outdoors, flourishing no matter where you place her. She requires very little in the way of maintenance and delivers a fine yield if given the base level of care and attention.Weed strains uk  A compact plant, this works in her favour in restricted growing spaces. Taking 9–10 weeks from seed to harvest, this strain doesn’t overstay her welcome in the grow-op. Rewarding the grower with a sizeable yield of potent buds, this sativa/indica hybrid is ideal for smoking, vaping, and creating edibles


Royal Queen Seeds created Speedy Chile for those who prefer growing a fast photoperiod strain over an autoflowering strain. And fast this lady certainly is. After a flowering time of no longer than 6 weeks, she delivers up to 500g of top weed per plant. Powered by a THC level of 16%, she induces a relaxing effect complemented by an uplifting heady note. Flavours of earth, citrus, and pepper round out the experience.


Black Widow by Positronics is the perfect choice for indica lovers in the UK. This indica-dominant hybrid grows very fast with a flowering time of 55–66 days. During this period, she can reach up to 2m in height, hinting at the large yields to come. When all is said and done, she will reward you with 300g/plant of very aromatic and super-resinous buds. Beware; with 19% THC, she is quite potent. Light one up, and you can enjoy an awesomely relaxing indica stone!



Early Skunk by Sensi Seeds, just like the original Skunk, is a true all-rounder that reliably grows everywhere, indoors and out. The original Skunk #1 is already renowned for her ease of growth and robust nature, but Sensi Seeds upped the ante by crossing this classic with the resilient Early Pearl. Out comes a turbocharged killer strain that excels in pretty much every environment. This indica-dominant hybrid is very resistant to mould, and requires only 55–65 days of bloom—perfect for the British climate! You can look forward to good yields, an uber-relaxing high, and dank flavour with this one.


liberty caps uk
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what Stress Killer Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is all about. This cross between the popular Juanita la Lagrimosa, Lemon Haze, and ruderalis exerts a very relaxing effect, despite only containing about 11% THC. Then again, she is very rich in CBD, which gives her good therapeutic potential. Her buds blend pungent notes of fresh lemon with spicy Haze, and are ready to harvest after only 7–8 weeks of flowering. When the time comes, you can rake in up to 160g/plant in optimal conditions.


The breeders at FastBuds didn’t just create an autoflowering variant of the popular Blue Dream; they did one better, improving upon the original classic. The result is Blue Dream’matic, a 75% sativa-dominant strain that races to harvest in a short 9–11 weeks, with monster yields of up to 300g/plant. She has a wonderfully uplifting yet mellow effect, which makes her a good all-rounder smoke you can enjoy at any time. She starts you out with a happy, inspiring effect that gradually transitions into a deep stone. Good for sleeping troubles, stress relief, and chronic pain!


Weed strains uk has long been a top fav among cannabis aficionados for her fruity-berry flavour and her relaxing effect that immediately tells the mind to chill out. Zamnesia took this famous strain and gave her the autoflowering treatment. Now she can deliver her award-winning buds in a blazingly fast 8–9 weeks from seed. Blueberry Automatic is just perfect if you want to harvest a cannabis legend before the inclement weather arrives!


The popular Cream Caramel by Sweet Seeds pleases with very sweet buds and a soothing smoke. Being 90% indica, she offers a very relaxing physical stone that makes her a nighttime favourite. Sweet Seeds’ F1 fast version of this classic needs only 7 weeks to flower, allowing you to harvest early before September is over. A very good strain for indica lovers who want to grow sweet, sultry outdoor bud in the UK.



When growing Weed strains uk outdoors in the UK, the biggest threats are mould and bud rot. Follow these tips so your outdoor grow is successful:
  • Germinate your cannabis seeds indoors, and allow them to develop into sturdy seedlings before you set them outside.
  • Go with fast-flowering photoperiod strains and autoflowers you can harvest before the rainy weather in autumn. Check strain descriptions!
  • Autoflowering sativas with an open and airy bud structure are less prone to mould.
  • Ensure good drainage and don’t let your plants stand in water for an extended time. This can cause root rot.
  • Grow outdoors in pots so you can move your plants to shelter in bad weather.

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